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Call blocking - update


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Nov 13, 2018
I set up BT Call protect with Call Minder on my Dads after he got taken in by a scam call and after asking for advice on here.

It's great - I've set it on 24/7 Do Not Disturb so only numbers I say are VIP get through . All other numbers have to leave a message on 1571. I've set up a PIN so I can dial in remotely to hear any messages and I can look online and see a list of all calls made to him. I'm lucky that he's far enough along that he doesn't have a clue so he'd never know to ring 1571 or check messages etc etc . It's such a relief as it wasn't just scammers I was worried about he was also getting calls from other people and promptly forgetting them! I think it's £5.80 a month but for me it's worth it for peace of mind.


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Mar 17, 2005
South West
Just like canary were with BT and also have a BT answer phone there are probably 40 saved numbers with the callers Name obviously when they call it shows the Name , with all subsequent phone calls we first let them go to answer phone if the person speaks and were happy we immediately pick up if its unavailable or withheld we dont pick up however if a callers number does show but they don’t speak ‘ I go into the BT and Block that number because in my opinion why would some call me and not at lest say this XYZ please call me if not it has to be a scam caller it not difficult


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Nov 1, 2016
We are installing the Truecall secure unit tomorrow while mum is out. I have added all the numbers to her trusted list and personalised the message to give callers my mobile number if they wish to contact her. I have muted the unit so that it is silent when it synchronises to add any numbers and we are going to hide it under a cupboard so she cannot fiddle with the buttons. We are fitting a box over the socket to prevent her switching it off! I have tests it and the odd noises it makes while dealing with an unknown number are almost silent so I think we have solved all the issues. The Truecall help desk have been fantastic, giving me some good advice and reassurance. So hopefully the evil scammers will no longer get through!

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