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busy day

Pear trees

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Jan 25, 2015
OH and I had a busy day yesterday. We visited his mum in the morning who had fallen during the night and hurt herself unknown to us. I spent the visit placating his 2 sisters who were shouting at their mum for not using her panic button, speaking to nurses, washing bloody sheets, tidying up and preparing lunch. OH stayed out of way and even went to sleep on the sofa after lunch!
I visited my mum briefly before her lunch club then went to the dentist, then finally to see our daughter and granddaughters. OH again had a nap on the sofa while I chatted with our daughter and played with the girls.
I am currently doing all the driving as he has lost his licence following a one off syncope fit in summer. I was exhausted driving down the M3 last night.
This morning he has woken up feeling very tired and is staying in bed. I am also shattered but still have to get up to run our caravan park - AND do his work today, and sort out my mum's meals on wheels etc.
I forgot mention I have back ache, ruptured tendon in a finger, arthritis in hip and shoulder! So much for being the weaker sex!