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Bullying and taunting


New member
May 31, 2020
My neighbour has Alzheimer’s and his wife is not coping with his loss of memory or understanding. IMHO she may also have onset of dementia. She is bullying and taunting him (we hear this almost every day in the garden). She talks to him in derogatory and patronising terms but it is becoming cruel. They have never hidden their bickering but this is different. He cannot understand what she is saying but simply agrees and apologises. What can we do? They are in their mid 70s and have local family but no one is visiting. I do not have contact details for the family. Thank you for any advice you can offer.


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Mar 25, 2016
Welcome to the forum @Bee65 It sounds as if the wife is struggling to cope. The lockdown isn't helping and is causing lots of additional problems for carers. I suggest that you ring the Dementia Connect helpline tomorrow as they will be able to take all of the details from you and offer advice about how best to deal with this situation. Thanks very much for taking the time to post and raise your concerns. https://www.alzheimers.org.uk/dementiaconnect