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bruising after a fall


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Jul 18, 2014
Ive posted on here before...
And I apologise as I only seem to come on here when I'm troubled and don't seem to give much back

Mum has had a fall, she says it was out of the bath, the bruising is awful! It stretches from under her ear down her neck and over her shoulder she won't let me see how far it extends. She's using her arm a normal so I'm sure nothing is broken
But her spirit is so badly dented I feel so desperately sorry for her
She wont go to the doctor

Spent today taking her out in the car and singing to some good old tunes to try and cheer her up, she's 84, and suddenly age has caught her up

She also looks after her 84 yo husband with moderate Alzheimer's

The bruising is so bad, I'm shocked! Is that normal?


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May 18, 2014
My experience with mum and bruising is small scale, the slightest knock and can guarantee bruising in less than an hour. Falling out of the bath though that would create a lot, solid surfaces all the way down to the floor. You must be so worried about her health, no chance at all of getting her to see her gp? If you are anxious to discover the extent of bruising and if she is agreeable, why not get some arnica cream to put on it.
The bath is a dangerous place for elderly people. Would a bath lift make life a little easier for her or even a shower?


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Aug 19, 2015
My mother had a fall and the bruising was astonishing; she ended up having a blood transfusion. She was taking clopidegrol and the doc said this made the bleeding much worse and she had to come off it for a couple of months. Is your mum taking any blood thinning meds? even aspirin?

Edit - to be clear coming off was on doc's instruction as was going back on.


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Oct 18, 2010
North East England
Can't help with what has happened except to say try Arnica cream....very good for bruises.
Have you got a non slip mat or stickers on the base of the bath and grab rails might be worth considering.
Give her a gentle hug from me.x.x


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Aug 29, 2007
SW London
After a couple of her falls my mother honestly looked as if she'd done ten rounds with Mike Tyson. The care home staff once waylaid me on arrival, to warn me in case I had a fit, but I'd seen it all before. However, it was very shocking the first time. Her skin was so thin, it always looked so much worse than it was - she would bruise so easily. She never seemed bothered by it afterwards, though.


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Jul 18, 2014
She's always always been a defensive person and fiercely independent
Does not welcome any sources of outside help other than me, but even then she won't let me help with many of the household jobs.

She fractured her hip (after a fall about 2 years ago) and was given many aids to help her in the home including a bath seat............
Within a few weeks she sent all the things back saying they cluttered her home and aren't for her despite the fact the aids actually helped!

Good thing is shes now asking to have the bath seat back, so I've re-ordered it.

This is more than a fall, and more than bruising for her. It's the uncomfortable admission of age and frailty, and I feel so sorry for her.

Thanks for all your suggestions xxxx