Bright Light Therapy


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Feb 25, 2005
Having read the Alzheimers Society publication 'Non-pharmacological therapies for the treatment of behavioural symptoms in people with dementia', I was interested by the short section referencing bright light therapy.

If anyone has experience, what are your impressions of the benefits or disadvantages when used for someone with dementia to combat hallucinations, sleep patterns and sundowning generally.



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Feb 9, 2004
SAD boxes

Hi Robert

We hired my mum an small light box just before Christmas, we have now bought it outright.

We noticed a small difference in her general emotional wellbeing after about 2 weeks, however I must also say that a further week later after she was raised up a level on her drugs which may have helped as well.

We no longer have the daily agitation, the need to go walk about, the feotal curl ups on the sofa which were incredibly hard to deal with.

She sits in front of the light for about half an hour to an hour a day, usually whilst eating breakfast or we get her to look through the paper or a magazine. Sometimes the paper is used to block the light - but most of the time we believe that some of it is actually going in. Even if it means only we are the beneficiaries perhaps it is doing the rest of us some good as well!!

They are an incredibly bright light and can take some time to get used to. But it may be coincidence but we as a family will not be turning it off until Summer is will us again!!