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breaking off for a moan


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Feb 17, 2006
Now that does make me wonder when I was going though my auntie clothes (last year ) I can across a bag that had to dresses in it that look dirty and old , that I remembered that my grandmother use to wear, for the life of me I would not understand why she could of keep it for so many years, my grandmother died when I was 10 , so was over 30 years ago, she had keep it that long. I did not think to small it to see if it would conger on the memory, I bet that why she keep it .

But I must say I keep a jumper of my father and use to wear it as it was baggy and I love the small , only thing I lost that small , because I wash it , now I wish I had wash my grandmother dress . but it did not hold so much sentiment of it did for my auntie.

Then the small of perfume after years it changes in small , even if you do not open it for year it can dry out , or lose it small , 20 years ago I love Charlie perfume , they do still make it but the small is different , so now when I small it as I got it in Gibraltar last year , it reminds me of my time they , also Burberry perfume that I associate with the time in Gibraltar 5 years ago is losing its small ,even if I buy a new one . people can small it on me then I can small it myself , where before that never happen .
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Feb 24, 2006
I still have some clothes that are 30 years old. Now I am mostly wearing my mother's things. But I do wash them, so probably the smell has gone.