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    Oct 10, 2015
    Hello, my mum was diagnosed with Alzheimers yesterday and we are both still in shock. Although today she has decided that its just old age. Can anyone give me some sort of timescales? I know everyone is different but are we talking months or years between stages? I am trying to read everything I can to tell me what to expect and how to help her the best I can. Just feeling frightened really:(
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    May 21, 2014
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    Oct 10, 2015
    Thank you x
  4. Emac

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    Mar 2, 2013
    Not Alone

    So sorry you had such bad news. You will still be in shock. It takes time to come to terms with a diagnosis and fear and panic was my first reaction to - very natural. My Mum was diagnosed in 2008 (early stages mild) and only went into a care home permanently last week( she is now late mid stage moderate to severe) / Even so she was able to tell the carers today that I was her daughter- didn't know my name but knew I was her oldest one :eek: and we had a very nice trip out to the shopping mall where we watched a fashion show and went for coffee before I brought her back. I am telling you this to reassure you that generally all is not lost all at once. For now you still have your Mum and the trick is to stay in the present and enjoy what you have for as long as you have it. Read all you can and put all the legal things in place that will be needed then just love your mum (and look after yourself) as well as you can. You will get lots of support here. Sending a big virtual hug. xxxx
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    Dec 15, 2012
    Welcome Starter
    you've found a place to discover lots of information and empathy and meet a host of people walking this road with you
    I appreciate how overwhelming this may all seem - so don't lose sight of the fact that your mother is no different today from the woman she was yesterday - take time to breathe and be gentle with yourself
    No-one can give you a timescale
    so take each day as it comes and don't feel you have to rush into anything
    yes there are practical and legal aspects to consider but you have time so take it and let your fears calm so that you can sort things out when you are ready
    Best wishes to you both
  6. Kevinl

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    Aug 24, 2013
    Hi Starter, welcome to TP
    Sorry but there is no time scale, my wife had to stop work at 50 and was diagnosed at 55, 12 years later she's still going strong, granted but she has no other physical issues. One member here was diagnosed 16 years ago (I think) and still posts on here very coherently and makes some very interesting and profound comments as do many of those diagnosed.
    Sometimes the decline may be rapid but often it's a slow progression it's more likely other health issues may come into play before AZ is the biggest danger to someone's health, in a physical sense.
    The most important thing is probably to look at putting all the pieces of the jigsaw in place now for what may happen in the future, POA, wills, housing and all the other bits.
    I had to come to terms with it some years ago with my (now late) mother now I'm doing it second time round with my wife and there is a lot to learn.
    Practical side over "Just feeling frightened really " don't be, we're all here to help as much as we can:)
  7. Bessieb

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    Jun 2, 2014
    Hi starter, welcome to TP
    So sorry to hear that you got an AD diagnosis for your Mum. Lots of us on here will know exactly how you are feeling. Both my parents have AD I remember both days that they were diagnosed very well.
    I suppose the first thing to say is that nothing will happen suddenly. Your Mum is the same today as she was two days ago before the diagnosis. Things will change - but everyone is different in terms of timing.
    You will need to do some planning to make sure things are as stress-free for you and your Mum in the future. Power of Attorneys, financial affairs etc. But you can sort out one thing at a time and there is loads of advice on here and in other places to help.
    It is a really concerning time so give yourself a bit of time to absorb the news before launching into sorting things out.
    Good luck with it all
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    Oct 10, 2015
    Thank you everyone for your replies. I feel so much better for having found this site x
  9. Summerheather

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    Feb 22, 2015
    Hi there,
    My Mum was diagnosed with Alzheimer's last December - however if I'm being honest, she started about 5/4 years ago. I find mum's Alzheimer's seems to go in steps - no changes for a while and then suddenly it's like a light has gone out and she's no longer able to do something and we've gone down a step. My Mum is no longer able to make a ham sandwich for herself and that was something she was able to do last December or make a cup of tea. Also have a lot now of 'going to live with her Mum and Dad now and you can't stop me'

    This is a great place to get loads of information, and honestly, feel free to ask anything.

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