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Jan 14, 2008
egham surrey
I have been reading all the threads and read a couple referring to the Nintendo DS brain training games( there are two of them)The overall opinion seemed to be that they are not useful for people with dementia. We have found just the opposite.

My husband was diagnosed over a year ago and at the neurologists suggestion we bought the games. Bob has done exercises from these games almost everyday since. There are some he couldn't even begin to understand, but some of the easier ones we find very useful. When he is having a bad day, half an hour on the games seems to help his brain to think a little more clearly. It is also quite a boost when he achieves a sucess. It also can of course be frustrating so you need to choose the games to play carefully. managing to complete a game however slowly can boost his confidence quite a bit. The funny thing is, he can be very confused generally but after a while on the games that are familiar to him he can achieve sucess.

I know it depends on what stage the person is at, Bob was in the early stages of frontal lobe dementia when he began playing the games, he has deteriated since but still manages to get pleasure from them.It is something we do together, I dont think he would be able to sit alone and play the games, I choose the ones he plays and set them up for him, That in itself is a help as we can have a laugh together.

I hope this will help someone else too



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Mar 7, 2004
Thanks for your info. on how the games have helped Bob.

Of course, everyone is different, and every stage different so it is hard to say that this will suit everyone.

Remember when Lionel was in early stages, upon diagnosis he tried to learn a new piece of poetry evry day. Certainly if somehting works for you it is well worth passing on.

Keep us updated please.