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Aug 21, 2007
Hello all,

I am a new member. My Mum [76] has VD and I am her main carer. Mum moved near me about 2 years ago and has a self contained flat in a wardened block. However, because she is new to the area she has very few social contacts and does not/ cannot get out because she gets lost and confused. Trying to find suitable social support locally is not proving easy. It is either too difficult or too easy for her so she is suffering from lack of stimulation. She used to really enjoy bridge and I am wondering whether the recently advertised Brain Training device might be good for her.


The web link indicates that Alz.Org in Australia is in favour but I am wondering if any one on this board has heard any reports about this device.

Any comments or thoughts would be well received.

Cath, Brighton

Grannie G

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Apr 3, 2006
Hello Cath, welcome to TP.

I`ve had a look at the site you gave the link for, because I have been considering Brain Training for myself.

You don`t say how long your mother has had VD, and only you know her well enough to be able to decide whether or not she would be able to benefit from Brain Training.

I know my husband, aged 75, might be able to answer some of the questions, eg the maths that was shown in the demonstration, but he would not be able to use the system, and would be very confused by having to read the word for a colour, shown in a different colour.

It`s a pity there is no opportunity to have a `test drive` before purchasing.

Please post an update, if you do buy one for your mother. I`d love to know if she can do it and if it helps her.

Otherwise, please keep in contact with TP. There is a lot of support here and i`m sure it will be helpful to you.

Take care xx

fearful fiona

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Apr 19, 2007
Dear Cath,

Nice to meet you on TP.

I have got this Brain Training game so am happy to provide any help I can about it.

I bought it because I have to look at my Mum and Dad having almost totally lost their short term memory and I will do anything, just anything to prevent that happening to me if I can.

It works for me and I am thrilled with the results. However, I would think very seriously before asking anyone with a dementia problem to do it. My Mum is not as far down the line as others discussed on TP, but I would certainly not ask her to look at it. Apart from the colour quiz Grannie G mentioned which would be very confusing, you have to be pretty quick on the mathematical calculations (if you don't want a brain age of about 90!). I know in my Mum's case it would cause her great distress not being able to do it and I think would cause more harm than good.

I look at it as prevention for someone (me) who doesn't have any memory problems so far.

If you want to know any more about it, I am happy to give any further information. I find it great fun and am delighted to have got my Brain Age down to 37 (I am 60 actually).

Good luck!