Brain haemorrhage


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Jul 18, 2005
As some of you know, my Aunt was suffering with Alz. She was responding really well to the Ebixa and life seemed to be just plodding along quite nicely until last Thursday morning when she suffered a massive brain haemorrhage. I can't tell you how bad the last few days have been. I rushed to the hospital on Thursday to find my lovely Aunt clinging to life by her fingernails. She is paralysed down th right hand side, couldn't speak.....

Well we were told that it would be a miracle if she lasted the weekend, and if she did it was doubtful that she'd ever be back to her old self. Today we returned home after she kissed us goodbye, ASKED us to wait for her, and started to try and pull herself up to come with us! She has made such a huge improvement.

Well today the consultant said that she would probably be in hospital for another 1-2 weeks but there is no way that she would be able to go back home and we would have to find a nursing home for her. While this news would have devastating 2 weeks ago, today we are just so thankful that she's still with us after it looked so bleak.

All I wanted to ask was this: can anyone give me the link to the website where you can view the inspection reports for the nursing homes? And as my Aunt and Uncle both have savings in their own names, and jointly, what is the best thing to do financially? My Uncle has a load of forms to fill in for the solicitor that should get my Aunt's money transferred to him.

Thanks everyone, I feel that i'm going to need you all more than ever...


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Jan 4, 2006
Hiya Widget,
If you type in CSCI then the reports should come up.
So sorry to hear about your aunt.
I am not fully up on the finances, but know that the money that is in your aunt's name, and part of the joint savings can be accessed to pay for care. Savings in your uncles name are his. Her pension goes towards care fees, and if she qualifies for attendance allowance (She will do now) that as well. There will also be an assessment made for nursing care allowance. Hope that is of some help. I am sure that there must be an information sheet if you check at the top left corner.
Does your uncle have a Power of Attorney signed, so that he can control your aunt's finances? Has there been any return of movement down your aunt's side?

Widget, there will be people here to support you through this.
Love Helen


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Apr 10, 2006
Hi Widget

Sorry i can't offer any advice but just wanted you to know that i'm sorry to hear about your Aunt and i'm pleased she's doing better...........hope she has a speedy recovery.

Love Alex x