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Bowel Issue Question - please don't read if a bit squeamish


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May 12, 2017
wondering what we could do to make the process a little less painful and maybe prevent any more damage. I don't know if anyone uses anything that can numb it and help it slide out easier? I don't really know what google search terms to use and quite frankly I'm a bit worried about what
Lidocaine topical came up on an NHS search also as a pain relief for haemmoroids. I would ask at chemist pharmacy.

Citroen 2cv

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Mar 1, 2019
Would a suppositry work if it's so far down the bowel that it's almost out?
Yes normally very quickly. If you can do it while lying on bed on side . What we have always been advised as carers once it has been released to use stool softener daily . It’s mostly to do with the muscles more than constipation. Hope it works well for you