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Border walk. companion[s] wanted

John Blakeney

Registered User
Sep 6, 2005

i am walking the English/Scottish border, following the border as closely as possible. this will include roads, fields, forests, peat bogs, and the desolation of the Cheviot hills with 2 days on the Pennine way.
I will be starting at gretna Green on May 13th and finishing around the 25th at Marshall Meadows [ Berwick ]...this will include camping and the occasional B&B. with 2 days of rest. averaging 15 miles a day.

it will be wild and exhilerating and I am happy to seek a fellow walker to company me on the 130+ mile walk.
I am still organizing the walk, but the prep will finished by end Feb.

Last year I walked solo from Manchester to John O'Groats, raising £1800+ for the Manchester Alzheimer's , and this year I hope to raise as much, if not more.

if anyone is interested in joining me for this sponsored walk or wanting details of this adventure, please contact me via the members list.

Walk on.


Registered User
Mar 7, 2004
Hello John, and welcome to TP.

I salute you for your fund raising efforts, and hope that you get lots of support.

Good luck, Connie