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Apr 1, 2003
Hi All,

My dad seems to have hit a new stage Alzheimers and recently has real problems with recognising people, objects and putting a name to things. As time passes, I'm beginning to feel that it would really help if I could try and understand the way that he see's the world and at least have more understanding of his how this illness affects dad's perception.

Could anyone recommend any literature that they have read that may help me understand this stage and progression of dad's illness. I appreciate that everyone sees things in different ways but I just had to ask if there is something out there that may help me understand and keep in touch with dad for as long as possible.

Many thanks


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Jul 4, 2004
alzheimers books


I have read a couple of books which have been helpful in understanding the problems faced with AD.
Alzheimers, challenged and conquered and Learning to speak Alzheimers, both these books are very helpful.

you can probably pick them up 2nd hand on amazon, i got one on there for only £3.



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Dec 11, 2003
Tully, Qld, Australia
Dear Charlie,

Amazon have a fairly good selection on the topic of AD, so you may like to check their website, which I think is, but you will find it just by searching for Amazon. Additionally, the AS has an extensive library and I'm sure that Lesley will be able to assist with some specific material.

A few weeks back we started a 'Book Swap Library' for Members of TP, and you will find a small list of available titles in our Resources Section.

For anyone who doesn't know yet - and for the benefit of our many new members, this is the deal.

Anyone who has a book that they would like to recyle to AS Members, please send me a PM and I will let you have my address. I will then ensure that all titles are updated on our Resources Section and members can buy these books for the cost of post and packing and a small donation to the AS Society.

So far, I only have 4 books available!!! Any further donations would be wonderful. Also, please do use this facility as I certainly don't want to hog all donated books. They are meant to be read by all - not just me. Do have a look at our Book Swap and send me a PM asap.

Best wishes,