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Blue badge


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Sep 9, 2009
Hi everyone
Does anyone have any experience or joy in getting a blue badge - we had one and reapplied and have now lost on appeal. We campaigned on the safety issues - I.e he can't be dropped off anywhere as would just wander - I note the Alzheimer's society have written on this but we have written to MPs, dept of transport but with no joy. The gov say they are a dementia friendly parliament and want to make life easier for carers and people with dementia - however I have seen NONE of this dementia friendliness in action- so so frustrating and one little thing they could do to make life easier. My Father is 85 but can walk the ' required distance' ..


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Jun 8, 2012
Try again stating they are a risk to themselves or to other people and if harm comes as a result of their failure to issue a BB they will be held fully accountable.

That "should" work but it depends on the knowledge of the jobsworth and dementia.


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Jan 16, 2014

I managed to get a Blue Badge for my mum (87) who has AZ and vascular dementia. We don't have the higher rate AA so she needed to attend an assessment. I think we were lucky to get a sympathetic assessor who explained that although mum probably didn't meet the physical requirements, she could see the need and the rules did allow for her to use her discretion if she felt there was a genuine need.

On the application I cited her need to be escorted at all times, she could not navigate a route safely, a tendency to shuffle which leads to her tripping frequently and her inability to negotiate kerbstones, white lines (which she thinks are steps) and problems with shadows which she perceives as holes. I didn't get to see the final report, so I don't know how much of this was actually used or whether her 'discretion' played a larger role in the award.

I was reluctant to apply at first when I read the guidance notes with the application form as they seem to relate very much to the amount of pain someone is in or the distance they can walk. Mum isn't in pain and it isn't the distance that causes problems for us, its all the associated problems with dementia...I'm note sure what legislation governs the awards, but they badly need to be amended.

I hope this helps in someway and you manage to get a positive resolution.