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Blue Badge application


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Jul 29, 2013
Can anyone share experience about applying for a blue badge via the new hidden disabilities process? I have completed the form but I am struggling with supporting information from a professional. Our GP receptionist has signposted us towards a consultant to complete the questionnaire as GP evidence without additional information from an alternative source will not be accepted, however, the last consultant declined to see my husband when referred by our GP. Consequently he has not been seen by a consultant since 2014 - other than the crisis team which was nearly two years ago.

Janie M

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Jun 12, 2018
Yes @Pudster , got exactly the same problem with our local authority! Needing to be signed by a professional, but not the GP? I've asked the advice of our dementia navigator, and she's spoken to the council for me today, the Blue Badge team said they will accept it being filled in by the Memory Centre, our navigator explained that OH is only seen for medicine review yearly, so I'm going to get on to them tomorrow . Our navigator isn't too sure if they will complete the form, and is going to support us and use our case as a test case if they don't fill in. Stupid isn't it as Blue Badgr have had all the evidence of diagnosis etc from us! I'll keep you up to date. Nothing is made easy is it?

Raspberry Ripple

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Sep 28, 2019
Sounds like I got lucky then! Only took just over a week, I attached last hospital discharge form, medication information and appointment letter for psychiatrist. It should be with me soon, at least something worked! But why does everything have to be so difficult and word of mouth, forms, forms forms! Why don't they get one assessment done instead of us carers fishing round and waiting for people to come and assess this that and the other, sorry rantting now, but difficult when you have to work too.


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May 27, 2016
Tried three times, twice the site failed before the submit button. Did it by phone and received email link to upload evidence, managed one piece but could not upload rest. Now in limbo!


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Apr 6, 2011
North Manchester
In the pre hidden disabilities era I had problems

As I often advocate I went up the food chain and politely but firmly asked by email with a positive result.

blue badge-page-001.jpg

Result was a phone call, appeal approved.

If you don't ask you can't get.


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Nov 1, 2016
My initial application for my mother has just been looked out and I was told we need more evidence! I completed the form online in July before the changes to include invisible illnesses and there was no mention in the form of needing professional input.

I was told that a letter from mums GP would suffice as she is not involved with any other medical professionals. Or she could go for an assessment! What a joke, she denies that she needs any support, has any problems or indeed has Altzeimers! The fact that she gets anxious if left alone in a strange place, trips over kerbs or uneven pavements, wanders off if dropped off outside a shop while I park, needs the car close by in case of incontinence problems etc etc.

I'm collecting the letter from her GP tomorrow ( costing £10) which I'll then post to the LA but I'm not holding my breath!

Yet a friend of mine was granted a blue badge just this week from the same LA for her autistic 6 year old son with no supporting evidence. I agree that he needs one when he has a melt down in a shop but so does my mum if she is not to become a prisoner in her own home.

I actually have my own blue badge now, arrived today, issued by a different LA for my greatly restricted mobility but my sister is mums main carer and she is struggling.


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May 27, 2016
I understand from Age Uk that the questions were changed on August 30th.
Our county have gone paperless unless one can use a library. We cannot reach one.
The other options are phone or web. The former involved an email so we could upload, I say we as I had a AgeUK expert with me.
The evidence is four years old and does not show the present deterioration.
Our GP requested a memory clinic re referral and was refused as the deterioration is the nature of the disease.
Now other things have cropped up in the meantime.


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May 21, 2014
North Devon
Hello Pudster,
I applied for a Blue Badge for my wife about 10 weeks ago, and have just had the email requesting payment for it, so hopefully it is coming.

I found the online form in our council area a little confusing - it asks what the person can't do, and as that is pretty much all of it in the case of my wife I ticked loads of things that led the computer to think I was applying on mobility grounds and it was refused. So I called the council Blue Badge team and applied that way, and that was much easier.

They did ask for evidence, and so I provided the letter from the memory clinic (from about 4 years ago) confirming the diagnosis, and the DWP PIP assessment paperwork, and that seemed sufficient.

We did have to have a telephone assessment which happened this Wednesday. That added a delay, as initially the assessment company phoned and asked to speak to my wife, and she can no longer understand phone calls, and they wouldn't speak to me. I had sent the council a copy of the LPA as well, so I had to chase that back through the council. That added some 4 weeks to the process.

Call was arranged for this week, so I made sure I understood the grounds for a Blue Badge for non mobility issues were primarily distress caused when traveling and being a danger to oneself and others. I spoke about these aspects with the assessor. He was very understanding, and ended up saying "I don't know why they just didn't give you the badge straight away, based on the information you provided on the form".

Hopefully it will be with us in a few days!

Starting on a journey

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Jul 9, 2019
Once they ask for the money it’s been approved and will be on its way when payment received.

I got one for mum in September and it has made my life easier so please enjoy it!!