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Big deterioration


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Apr 29, 2010
Hi all not bed on T.P for a while. We seem to of had a deterioration in mums behaviour in the months up to Christmas. (Mum was diagnosed in 2010 with E.O at only 59) there's always something to deal with ringing social worker, CPN, dr, carers etc. It never ends. You think you have one thing sorted and settled then something else happens.
Mums sisters are a waste of space they didn't even visit over Christmas, I get so cross!
We now have carers in daily to give dad a break. Dad has now said mum sees him as a stranger now, she doesn't know who I am either. If you try to converse with mum but it makes no sense that she replays with.
It's just so cruel that we've lost a mum, grandma and wife :(


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Sep 7, 2012
So sorry to hear about the down turn in your Mum, so sad for her that she 'missed' another Christmas with her family, such a painful absence for you all.
And all the while she is here with you.
It's so terribly hard.

I understand your anger with her siblings, my Mam didn't have many visits from her siblings, only one sister called and even then, only twice in four years.

But they all came sniffing for family portraits and photos after her death.

She was the oldest and looked after Nana so she didn't get the valuable clocks and jewellery that they all wanted when Nana died, she got the paintings of grandparents and all the old photos...
Guess which turn out to be the most valuable, not in money terms... history and connection to the past?

Guess who has them now? :)

Every dog has it's day.

Hope your Mum has peaceful times ahead of her.