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Been a while


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May 25, 2016
channel islands
Hi All

Been a while since I've posted but I have some good news (apologies to my UK friends who are no so fortunate) Guernsey has 0 known cases and no new cases for nearly 4 weeks so from this week we are moving into what we call phase 4 out of lock down and that means I can get my hair cut but more importantly my hubby can go see his mum in the home. He has to go by appointment be taken to her room and have a temperature scan, but he can see her. We skyped her last week but this will be so good all round. It is being reviewed in a few weeks as we may go into phase 5 which gives even more freedom and then others can go but it is being monitored and controlled by our local government absolutely fantastically (not part of the UK). Other news, accidents happen and the son and girlfriend that moved into annex are having a lock down baby - hmm less said the better! I started my new job online at home and that has been unusual and had its challenges! My son that moved to the UK had one month as a support teacher then had to self isolate then no work looking like it will be September before he goes back but on a good point he is still ok with funds. Anyway I hope you are all safe and well X


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Feb 25, 2014
South coast
Hello @Donkeyshere its good to see you again and hear your updates
Sounds like things are on the up where you are. Im sure your hubby will be pleased to see his mum again :)

Just me

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Nov 17, 2013
It’s good to hear positive news about Guernsey and how they are monitoring and controlling the spread and allowing precious visits to care homes.
Perhaps your government could have a word with ours in the UK 😊


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Feb 11, 2019
Glad to hear that your hubby will be able to visit his Mum again. I am sure it will be reassuring to see her in person.
I hope once you get used to working from home that the new job goes smoothly. At least if you have a video call you will be fine if you can now go to the hairdressers.
also pleased to hear son in UK is fine and managing through the lockdown


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Sep 2, 2019
Good to hear how you are fairing and a grand-baby on the way (whether planned or surprise) either way, something positive and wonderful to look forward to xx