Been a while - plus a little bit funny


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Apr 3, 2006
Hi Everyone - sorry its been a while.

V quickly - there are two of us Gromits on the site - not sure if I can change my username to ease any confusion. However we are spelt slightly differently. Thinking of trying to be clever and upload a photo - that may help instead.

Anyhoo - sorry for not being on line for a while - have visited parents a few times, they came to stay with me the other week. And I have also had a week on holiday. Plus quite manic at work at the moment - no excuse though!

This may make you laugh a little - my Dad is still denying any memory problems, suffers some short term memory loss, but nothing too serious (as yet). They live in Yorkshire and I'm up here in Edinburgh - yep he's still driving!!! They arrived at lunchtime and I left work to meet them. Well guess what my Dad had done......forgot to put his suitcase in the car (luckily Mum always packs too much so had her own suitcase). Well, all he had were the clothes he travelled in. I thought it was funny - Mum didn't - probably a bit fed up. Needless to say that I took him shopping and kitted him out with 5 days worth of wardrobe and essentials!! Does he now realise there is a problem? Nope!!! Cheeky though - reckons he's gonna forget his suitcase everytime he visits!! I suppose that's if he remembers to forget it (does that sound right?).

Ironically though the next day - Dad didn't realise that the clothes he had on were bought by me - the odd comment like "Did I bring this?" - typical!!! Plus we had to remind him to change his clothes - don't think he remembers what he wore the day before!!! But no - he still thinks there is no problem. Plus he point blank refused to change out of his casual shoes when going out ie theatre/pub etc - Mum was mortified - they both are quite traditional when "stepping out" always get on the glad rags - but Dad didn't seem bothered. By the way -shoes were the only thing he had packed in the car!!!

We did have a good time though - he was his usual jokey self and usual complaining self - and they always like to go to the pub up here - almost have a local up here now (its some distance to have a local!!!) - plus he seems to be much more social in places he knows.

Oh well - thought I would share this with you all - I couldn't stop laughing when they realised he'd forgotten his suitcase!!! It was great having an excuse to spoil him in the shops - he won't normally entertain spending money!!! Well it saved me thinking of a Fathers day present this year!!!

Take care all.



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Jan 4, 2006
Hiya Gromit, good to hear from you. I really enjoyed reading your posting about your dad's visit - thanks. It sounds as though it was a hoot.


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Apr 3, 2006
It gets funnier (or at least my Dad is) - good times

Well, continuing in the fun and frolics of my last posting (forgotten suitcase). Latest update - when Dad visited me he was in stitches over a toy we have - it's the Pepperami Fanimal for the World cup (shaped like a sausage and shouts things about football when you bash it against something - things like "oi ref!!!" and "barmy army" etc). Anyway, he must have asked me about 10 times a day during the visit to get him one.

So as promised we ordered one off the web and it arrived in the post today. Its ages since I have had a mobile phone txt off my Dad - but today he sent one - what an odd message to get from anyone...
"The sausage as arrived, Thank you" - that made me chuckle. So I phoned my Mum and Dad - Dad didn't stay on the phone long - he doesn't these days - so I continued talking to Mum - she said he was really good today - quite amusing, and she sounded much happier too. Then we heard him say in the back ground "Oh no" -....... can you believe it - the leg of the Fanimal toy had come off!!! I couldn't stop laughing - he'd only had it 10 minutes!!! So he said he would sew it back on!!! Wow!!! I'm still laughing now.

I phoned my parents again not long ago (about 30mins) - Mum informs me he has sewn the leg on the sausage (weird typing that!!!) - he won't do much around the house anymore - but sewing a leg on a suasage he will do. Mum says he's asked her about 10 times if she had told me about the leg coming off the sausage!!! I'm still laughing now!!!

Oh these are the good times- I hope it stays like this for a while for my Mum's sake!!! Good to hear them both in such good spirits!!!

Luv to you all



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Mar 13, 2006
hi gromit

so nice to hear about your dad, the vision of him sewing a leg on a sausage will stay with me for a while:D
hope things continue to be good for you all,

best wishes x


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May 20, 2006
North East
Hi G

I'm just trying to picture your dad (not that I know what he looks like - but I'll replace him with mine!) sewing the leg on and the fanimal shouting 'Oi Ref'



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Apr 3, 2006
Good to be cheered up!

Thanks for the replies. Thought it would be nice to share the funny side of things. Hope it brought some joy - goodness knows everyone deserves it!

Just spoke to Mum - Dad is still asking if I know about the leg!!!! I could hear him in the background just now shouting out - "the sausage is hobbling around" this is more like my Dad!!! Well its kept him amused for two days (though I think Mum might be glad when the novelty wear's off - I could hear it in the background "oi ref" "goal!" "rubbish!" "offside!" - must be driving Mum round the twist!!!).

Dad even did the washing up for Mum today (he always was very helpful - however now when he volunteers he gets distracted and forgets). So Mum says she's looking forward to searching for the utensils tomorrow when she comes to cook!!! Yep he misplaces everything. I think Mum is getting used to his memory problems, and coping better. Still haven't got him to the Doctor's and the Doctor hasn't called him in for a check up - no matter how hard I try!!! But as things seem quite good - and we are coping with his memory problems (which don't seem to be getting any worse just yet) then I think we are going to stay with the status quo.

It's good to be back on line with everyone again. Will try keep looking in on a frequent basis.

One observation I made when my parents came to visit the other week - wow can my Dad eat!!! Can you forget when you've last eaten and still be hungry??? He would eat a big meal I made for him, say he was very full and couldn't eat anymore then only a short while after would be wanting food again. Doesn't seem to putting on alot of weight though all things considered! If only I could do that!

Love to you all.


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