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Bed that goes to the floor


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Jul 31, 2012
Whilst my Father has been suffering with dementia and there is a risk of falling out of bed, and I see that is a common problem.

What do we think about a bed that goes down to the floor, it's mechanism exists at the head and foot so the bed goes right to the floor, the bottom of the mattress is left on the floor.

This way the bed can be put in a raised position to enable the person to get in and out of the bed, raised higher so that changing of pads can be enabled and lowered to the ground, so the person can sleep independently and, if they do get out, they won't fall from the typical bed height of around 1 meter+ ?

Biggest Fairy

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Jan 26, 2015
They're standard issue for older people in Japanese hospitals. I think they're a great idea where falling out of bed is a problem.

I can see that they wouldn't be suitable for everyone though. My FIL gets out of bed regularly and wouldn't be able to get up from that low a bed, so in our case it would probably be more of a hindrance as he would probably end up on the floor every time whereas just now we find him standing at the end of the bed, clinging to the foot rail for dear life and shouting for help. I can help him back to bed, but I wouldn't be able to get him back in if he was n the floor IYSWIM.


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Mar 26, 2011
Near Southampton
My husband had a low-rise hospital bed in his nursing home because, despite having rails, he fell out of bed. He fell between the top rails and the bottom.
mn ones. This bed went pactically down to the floor at its lowest level.


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Jan 14, 2010
East Kent
Mum had a hospital bed provided by the NHS loan store.
It was brilliant.
You could raise the head and feet area independently , a person could sit in it like a chair, you could slope so it was head or feet high.
It went very low to the floor but not right down to the floor. Though it was only a matter ofsix inches or so (i am guessing here, as it's been 5 years)

Apologies I haven't re read your previous posts so do not know if your Father is at home or not or in England.

If at home and has a a district nurse visiting, they can order one for you, if no district nurse you nee to go via the GP who will refer you to the right team

If Father is in care then I would speak to the manager
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