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Nutty Nan

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Nov 2, 2003
Anyone interested: Jeremy Vine is talking to Carers in his lunchtime programme on Radio 2 tomorrow (Monday).

I am sorry this is a bit 'last minute' - hopefully, the programme will have a 'listen again' service, as I shall be at work and will try and pick it up later in the week (I think these programmes are usually available to listen to for another 6 days).


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Sep 27, 2006
Disability living allowance screaaam!!!

Applied for and got DLA in June of this year but with the lower rate mobility allowance for my husband. I immediately asked them to reconsider the lower rate mobility allowance as he had problems walking, particularly in the afternoons. It has so far taken 11 weeks of waiting and he has just received a letter of refusal to change to the higher rate. In the meantime husband now needs a wheelchair which is being supplied by the hospital. In the letter of refusal was yet another form to be filled in. One of the questions asks to state the exact date on which his condition deteriorated! (This has been written in pen on the form and underlined!)
How on earth can I do this with an illness which is progressive? (in his case at a rapid rate) I have asked the secretary of his hospital specialist to ask her to write a letter explaining the disease as he has recently been diagnosed with Lewy Body. His parkinson symptoms are steadily increasing week by week!
I also applied for and got the power to deal directly with the DWPensions but they still sent the form and letter to my poor husband.
This burocracy without a face makes me feel so angry, upset and anxious. I feel as if we are unimportant and not worth their while trying to help and understand our situation.