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BBC Online: Younger People with Dementia


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Mar 23, 2005
Hi All,

This story appears today on the BBC News site under the Health section. It is a profile of one couple's struggle with early-onset AD:


An interesting link from this story was to a site for an organisation called The Clive Project which "supports younger people with dementia and their family and friends throughout Oxfordshire". You can visit their site here:


Take care,



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May 27, 2005
Sandy - do you know if there's going to be anything on television re: this issue?

I'd think that Alzheimer's Awareness Week® Think again - Younger people with dementia would be something that would get more press, but can't find anything.

I'll be going to a talk where I live on the subject this week, but I am not aware of anything being highlighted on the 'goggle box'.

Unless anyone else knows of anything?

Please let me know if so.




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Mar 7, 2004
Younger people with dementia

I know about Live 8 but what about awareness week. I watched the earlier news, both national and local, NOTHING.

Tomorrow they are doing an article, with pictures, on my dear Lionel in the local press. I rang and requested this. I shall email ANGLIA TELEVISION, our area, to ask thm why they have no coverage, so far.

Off to Parliament tomorrow, so will be busy, but will get back on the case Wednesday. Regards to all, Connie