Bath night


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Jul 31, 2003
Blackpool, Lancs
Getting my Dad to have a bath is not easy. Don’t cringe, but once a month is frequent enough for him and that’s the only occasion I can get him to change his underwear too. I know, not pleasant.

Last week though he wasn’t gone more than half an hour before he came to tell me that the water was too cold so he had let it go again. It wasn’t too cold though, could it be that he is not experiencing sensation like he should any more?

Is there a danger that if I try any hotter I could end up scalding him? Just to explain, I run the bath but he is independent enough not to need any other assistance – yet


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Oct 16, 2003
Bath Time

Hi Rob

My Mum will try that one and in my experience it was nothing to do with the water temperature just another excuse for Mum to avoid the bath. Some of the excuses are unbelievable, would your dad just let you stay in the bathroom long enough for him to at least get into the bath, i have known mum even go through the ritual of undressing and then forget what it was she was getting undressed for and get dressed again without having the the bath, sometimes we dont give them credit for their "craftiness". Good Luck



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Jul 31, 2003
Blackpool, Lancs
... as a barrel load of monkeys

I know Cathy, I thought it was probably just an excuse too. Crafty is the right word. As for staying with him, No - not an option, even though it's probably risky leaving to manage on his own, he fiercly defends his independence and also his ability to pull a fast one too. Ah well, we just try again this week. Despite all the trials they can still make us smile at times too.

All the best


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