Based on my own experiences, I want to make lives of dementia carers easier..


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Apr 28, 2016
Glasgow, Scotland
I'm not sure if this is the right forum to post in, so please let me know if it isn't...

My grandfather suffered from dementia during the last 10 years of his life. In the period where he was still able to live independently (at home and then in sheltered housing), there was constant worry that something might happen; and regularly something did. On numerous occasions the police showed up at our door at 4am having found him wandering in his pyjamas. Another time he had left the oven on and almost caused a fire, or his windows wide open when he went to bed in the evening, and once just couldn't get out of the bath but was too embarrassed to pull his alarm to call his carer and couldn't reach the phone to call us directly.

Thinking back on this experience and interacting with others recently it’s clear that these aren't occurrences that are unique to my personal experience with dementia.

Essentially, for the past few months I've been developing some technology/sensors that could allow families of dementia sufferers to non-invasively remotely monitor their relative’s environment and activity. The devices completely wireless and allow families to check up on activity or receive remote alerts to their phones if something unexpected happens at their relative’s house. They will be able to monitor and receive alerts on things such as unusual door and window activity, temperature, humidity, and light in individual rooms. With these measurements close family members are able to be alerted if their relative has gone wandering unexpectedly, left windows open, the oven on, lights on, the bath running, etc. The sensors can even be used as a direct-to-family panic alarm or automatic fall alert if the user is willing to keep it on their person.

I'd really love to hear thoughts on this, and hear about your own experiences and difficulties in caring for relatives. What day to day problems do you face that you could envisage this sort of thing solving?
Having been through this myself, I am very passionate about using my engineering abilities to hopefully provide solutions that could really help ease the lives of both the sufferers of dementia and their families.
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