Barbara and Malcolm Pointon


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Feb 17, 2006
He also said clearly - the first time I have heard it put so bluntly - that a diagnosis of Alzheimer's is a death sentence.

I feel in my view that a negtive statment , its just like an other trammel (SP) illness even thought its true ( death sentence )

In my view anything that gets the public away from believing that dementia is just forgetfulness [where's my keys?] has to be good

I don't belive it will change the public view about dementica , because the public perceive , associate dementia , alithzimers as to different illnesses .

you only have to read on TP , that people will say a love one has not got alzheimer's , that you can’t tell really tell if the person has alzheimer's only in a brain autopsy , that they only say alzheimer's because its mix AZ , dementica , then you can get medication for AZ .

Those statement are saying that people are scared of AZ

I wonder in this program do they mention the word dementia .

I do feel that geting all this Publicity the program , is going to bring about more awareness to watch the program

But what awareness is it bring for AZ ? What message is it sending out to the public ?

what is it just showing us what detestation , it does to a relationship , to family ! ?
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Aug 29, 2006
SW Scotland
Brucie said:
To be truthful, I was also pleased to hear him say that a point came when he felt the family should be left alone to care for the last days of Malcolm.
I totally agree with this, Bruce.

I'm not sure about the publicity, though, it makes me a bit uneasy. They say that no publicity is bad publicity, but it seems the publicity has been about whether or not the moment of death should be shown, or is shown, not about AD.

This controversy has besmirched the whole thing, IMHO, and done AD publicity no favours. That's why I feel so sorry for Barbara. Whether or not she knew about the press release, there is so much of her and Malcolm in the film, her feelings and emotions, I can only imagine how she feels now.


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Aug 3, 2006
Been there

I've watched Barbara on the news and having listened to what she had to say I found disturbing. I shall not be watching the programme on TV. Two things stood out for me: one she said Alizheimer's kills. That is not my experience, as is evident by my wife. Secondly she talked of telling her husband it was alright 'to let go'.
It brought back memories from four years ago, when I insisted on taking my wife home from the hospital, where they said there was no hope. She was drifting in and out of conscious and drenched with sweat. There's a Sister who works in a local NH living opposite, whom I asked to sit while I went for a Doctor. When the 'Doctor' arrived he remarked: "Is she dying?" "Yes". to which he replied: "At least she's not in pain, there's nothing I can do here". Upset: "Of course she's not in pain, she's unconscous!"
Later that evening I asked for another Doctor who was more compassionate, he advised me not to sit holding her hand over night, "As they often pass away when you go to make a drink or go to the toilet." But I did, and like Barbara told her: "It's OK to let go, you'll be all right I'm here for you, go see your Mum and Dad and Karen, you'll all be togeather again. I'll follow later."
Our daughter told me much later that she never slept that night waiting for the phone call which never came.
Four years and four months on, no one wants to know, out of sight out of mind. Unlike many, I've had more than my share of good fortune and each extra day is a blessing. My only complaint if allowed is, it's tough being a man in a womans' world, but it's enriching. Padraig


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Jan 31, 2004
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That's the power of TP.

Everyone has different experiences. As Joanne has said "when you've seen one person with Alzheimer's, you have seen one person with Alzheimer's"

Everybody tells their story based on how it is for them.


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Apr 29, 2007

GMTV are interviewing Barbara tomorrow morning ahead of the programme tomorrow night & have invited people to phone in if they are caring for someone with Alzheimer's or suffering themselves, to contribute to the programme

Eammon Holmes said along the lines of "if you are starting to forget things & want advice...." - "or if you are caring for someone with Alzheimer's and can't cope".....we'd like to hear from you.

I really hope all the coverage this programme is getting at the moment raises awareness & erases the myth that this dreadful illness is just about "becoming a bit forgetful." Sadly this seems to be such a common perception unless you have actually encountered it first hand.

Sorry didn't get the phone number down in time - but no doubt it will be available on the GMTV website and thought it maight be of interest.

Best Wishes to all

Gill x


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Apr 29, 2007
This Morning

Sorry Folks

I got my programme names muddled (shows how often I watch daytime TV!)

The programme referred to is "This Morning" on ITV - (10.30 to 12.30)


Gill x