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Nov 30, 2003
Hello Everyone
I'm just back from a respite holiday with friends in the USA and I would recommend a break no matter how short it is to any carers. Before the break, things were very tense and I was feeling very put upon by David and had times when I really my hated what AD was doing to us. When you take a step back you start to analyse why things got so bad, how you can avoid certain situations developing and it gives you time to think about the person you love hidden behind AD. two weeks without stress and being able to be totally selfish is wonderful.
David suprised us all by coping very well with a diary listing all the jobs, visitors calling,plants to water etc on a daily basis. He crossed off each job as it was done and I think this gave him a good sense of acheivement and boosted his confidence. With the help of his care worker and our marvellous outreach nurse, his spirits stayed even and he siad he only missed me a little bit!
It took a lot of organising but I can reccomend Wiltshire Farm foods instant meals(am I allowed to do that?)as he found them very tasty and easy to use in the microwave which he can still operate.
Needless to say, I shall be eternally grateful to daughter and her husband and my son who looked after David. I know I have come back after a fantastic holiday actually looking forward to seeing David again and with renewed determination to TRY to be more patient and understanding. If this lasts for a while it's all worth it although I'm realistic about the strains of the illnerss.
I was nervous at the first time of travelling abroad on my own, but having done it once, know that I can do it again if the need arises.
To all you carers on the forum,it may take ages to set everything upfor a break but the positives definitley outweigh the negatives for both of us.
After some of the awful scenes we've had lately, to be told that he's glad I've come back makes it all worth while, so ignore an old post of mine"love is wearing a little thin".
We have got such a good routine going now with the daily calendar that I almost have to make up jobs as David enjoys the structured approach to his day as I'm sure it makes time go quiicker for him.
I shall have to stop andcrack open a bottle as the jet lag is still hanging around and the screen seems to be dancing around so heavns knows what my spelling is like.
Look forward to catching up with all the posts and friend on taliking point.


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Oct 23, 2003
West Sussex
Dear Susie, so glad your respite has restored you! there is very positive advice in what you say, everyone needs a little time to themselves. You are now ready to go on which is good. Hope to hear from you on TP soon once jet lag has passed. Love, She. XX


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Aug 31, 2003
Brilliant! Glad things have gone so well. I know what you mean about making up jobs for the daily diary but it is really worth it to create a structured day with a variety of tasks. At the end of the day it still helps me as I get the ironing, hoovering etc done - not sure how you work the new hoover!!

By the way we're both off to Egypt for a fortnight next week - don't know about R&R! If Bill copes with all of this for another year I'll be well chuffed!



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Dec 11, 2003
Tully, Qld, Australia
Dear Susie,

Great to hear that you had such a wonderful break. It really does help so much, doesn't it? Nothing like a bit of distance to regain one's perspective...

Wiltshire Farm Foods - These guys are the last word in prepared foods. Absolutely brilliant organisation. I used them on a regular basis when I was caring for my parents alone - and they saved my life. Very reasonably priced, excellent delivery system and the driver even used to pack them into the freezer for me.

All the food is fresh, with very generous servings. I'd recommend them 100%.


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