Back from Holiday


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Mar 27, 2008
Hello everyone,

Well we had our two weeks in Lindos, Rhodes and overall it was really nice. Alan was able to enjoy it mostly. There were some very bad moments and some really good. Thank goodness for the good!!

One thing that has stayed with me was one night, when out for a meal, we passed the table of a couple that were staying at our resort and the woman stopped us to chat. She very discreetly said to me that she was a Hospital Ward Sister and that she had sussed the situation and she thought I was doing a marvellous job and told Alan that he was a very lucky man. She then asked me how I was enjoying the holiday. I was so touched I almost burst into tears. She seemed to say something when I really needed it.

The bad bits were to do with Alan becoming paranoid. He seemed to believe he understood what people were saying in Greek (I speak some Greek) and I know he doesn't understand a word of it. He understood them to be talking about attacking him in some way or something like that. It meant he didn't want to go out and when he did he became very stressed and afraid. I kept wondering if it was a form of sundowning?? I will ring my lady from the Alzheimers Society and talk about it with her. It wasn't there all the time so we had many good times too.

It has been hard to use this site again since returning - I am afraid of being enveloped by it all.

Love to you all



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Oct 15, 2005
Helen so glad that you had 'good bits' on the whole and enjoyed your holiday, you are a brave lady in the first place for attempting it is my thought.;) Sorry that Alan appeared to have 'sundowning' episodes, which his paranoia does sound like, do discuss it with your AS lady I'm sure she will give you guidance.
It has been hard to use this site again since returning - I am afraid of being enveloped by it all.
I think we probably all feel like this from time to time, but the beauty of TP is you can take comfort from it in you own time when you want or need it. Take care, love to you both.

Grannie G

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Apr 3, 2006
Welcome back Helen

I`m so please the holiuday was mostly a success.

Use TP as you need it, or not, as the case may be.

Love xx


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Nov 16, 2007
East Midlands
Dear Helen..

I've been wondering how your holiday went...

As in all've had a break...TP isn't going away..

When you're ready..we're all still here....:)

Take heart in the fact that you had a holiday..

It's good to know you're both back safe and sound...

Love gigi xx


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Nov 28, 2005
Good to hear from you and pleased you have good memories, hopefully you can treasure those for ever.

Come in and out of TP as you feel - that is the beauty of it.
We are all treading a difficult path = share when you are ready.

Love Jan