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Back for quick look

Il Gufo

Registered User
Feb 27, 2013
Just popped back for quick look at how everyone is doing. In a strange mood this week, as this time last year my lovely Mum had been taken into hospital (2nd Jan), after collapsing at her care home. Transpired she had pancreatic cancer and pneumonia - although had seemed very well just that morning when my sister in law visited. Anyway, she was very poorly, and the lovely staff at the care home told us we could bring her back to her home for end of life care. This we did on the 5th January, and she died peacefully on the 10th with us three children and our husbands/wife in her room with her. I've checked in here on the odd occasion, but was especially drawn to it today. It was definitely Mum's time to go, but I miss her so much. Before dementia took hold she was such a lively, funny, witty lady - and that's how I try to remember her. And I have to admit the relief when she finally let go and went to join my gorgeous Dad who had died seven years earlier was immense. But some days I physically ache with wanting to see her again. I love and miss her so much.


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Oct 19, 2009
Hello Il Gufo. So, it's almost the anniversary of your mum's death. I hope you are doing well. It's not easy - although I am told it gets better in time. People keep telling that once all the "firsts" are over - their first birthday, your first birthday without them, first wedding anniversary, first Christmas, first anniversary of their death - then it gets easier. Let's hope so, eh?

Il Gufo

Registered User
Feb 27, 2013
Hi Lady A. Yes, let's hope so. Have had all those firsts now, except the anniversary of Mum dying. And to be fair, I'd lost my real Mum a good two years before she died. Although we still had some lovely times, the spark that made her so special had been taken away by the bloody awful dementia. They had decided at the care home that Mum really needed to be moved to the dementia wing, and we weren't too happy about that. We asked for them to wait till after Christmas - and then she fell ill early January. My best friend said Mum had made her mind up she wasn't going to be moved, and that was that. !

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