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Back again with a new profile....practically impossible to find out profile details


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Dec 15, 2015
Chiswick, London
Hi all. Not been on here for a few months due to various issues, looking after mum and trying to keep my job being the main one. Just saying hello, sinking fast, but still here just about

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little shettie

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Nov 10, 2009
Hello and welcome back. I know too as I gave up my business (was a driving instructor) in June as mums needs increased and my stress levels rose through the roof!! Had palpitations, sleeplessness which was not good in my role!! I now get the princely sum of £62 a week carers allowance, a far cry from earning £22 an hour!! However, I feel poor financially, but richer in other ways as I am coping much better now whereas before, I was not! Palpitations have diminished, sleeplessness still there some nights! But I can stay in my pjs all morning so it doesn't matter too much. However if you are the main breadwinner, then that's a tough one and I feel for you very very much. Sorry not much helpful advice there but I'm a good listener and we're all here to help each other xx