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Dec 21, 2006

Thanks for all the replies to my 'gulity feelings' thread - very much appreciated.

Christmas Day - Weird or Wot.

My H and I got round to Parents House on the day to celebrate Xmas with them. I took the food with me - just a case of warming it up - dead easy !

Mum was in the kitchen when we got there - looking very purplexed - preparing Chips for tea! She had no idea it was Xmas and seemed very confused indeed. I think Dad was pleased to see us and have a decent meal and a break from Mum.

I have decided that Christmas is very over rated - it's just another day to people like Mum and Dad. I had fortunatley not built my hopes up that it would be a perfect day - I was very conscious of how I felt about Xmas. Nervous but aware that we would have to just go with the flow on the day. The 'quiet life' tablets are a must on days like that.

Having said that - If people ask me how Xmas Day went I find that I cannot discuss the day with them - I do feel like I am going to cry and become upset - so I simply say 'sorry, but do you mind if we don't talk about it' - right or wrong - I don't know. But when all said and done only 'you' know how you feel - friends can help with advice but unless they are going through the same emotions they cannot really comment I don't think.

We got Mum a lovely bouquet of christmas flowers - lovely shiny bits in the spray. She now keeps asking me to take 'my' flowers back home with me - Hey Ho !!!! @ least we tried !

My H is a gem and we had our Xmas Day on Boxing Day - had a lovely meal out @ lunchtime and the evening was spent with friends - today I had a bit of 'me' time and had a full body massage. So you could say I am ready for the next onslaught - New Year!!

This morning, I had an urge to write some poetry again - not done it for a little while. Remembered as I was doing one this morning that it was a release and cheaper than counselling !!! Watch this space - well the poetry space!

What am I learning on my life's journey - There's only one you - take care of yourself !!!

Love & Light


Grannie G

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Apr 3, 2006
Dear Mitch, Such a positive post, re your very different Christmas this year. However it was, you did your best, were appreciated by your dad, [think of the relief he felt when he saw you] and most importantly of all, you survived. You even managed a bit of `you time` too. Well done.
Looking forward to your poetry.