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Sep 16, 2003
North Yorkshire
If only moving my Mum into residential care was as easy as the John Smiths advert with Peter Kay. Anyway it makes me laugh, which is often needed after several hours with your 63 year old mother who has Alzheimer's, but doesn't according to her. The list of explanations and possiblities for things not being quite right is endless.

Anyway after giving birth to twins six months ago and returning to work this week part -time I am now resigned to the fact that she will continue to live on her own at home and I will have to carry on organising a string of carers and all the other practical details associated with a running home. My attempt for her to go for two nights to a local nursing home resulted in a very angry lady demanding my presence at once and being taken home again. Good job I hadn't cancelled homecare!

So if anybody has any stories or suggestions of how their relatives were enticed towards all the positives of living in a nursing home I would welcome your thoughts.

PS My Mum is physically very fit and hates being inside. Although she wants to stay in her own home she doesn't think she lives there, as her longer term memory says she lives in her childhood home.
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May 28, 2003
Hi Ali
I havent seen that advert!
I'm afraid I have no useful stories or advice for you, on the contrary.....
Moving home is a big upheaval for the healthiest of us, and even though you say your Mum dosent realise that she is in her own home, the trauma of a move will no doubt still effect her... AND YOU!
You dont say how poorly Mum is, but that she is physically well. And you discuss a nursing home, does Mum have nursing needs? Maybe you are looking ant the wrong type of care home. In my experience, residential or dual registered homes, are smaller, homely and have a different clientel. especially with your Mum being so young and physically well. Maybe you are thinking of the wrong route?
If she is able to live QUITE independantly at home, even with the help of carers, THAT SOCIAL SERVICES SHOULD BE ARRANGING, and if at home she is safe, then I'm afraid it would seem that that is the way the situation may have to stay until there is a change in circumstances.

Sorry to hit you with this, maybe I read your mail wrong, please reply.

You keep well youself! You cant care for your family and your Mum if you get yourself run down. Please ensure you are getting the right support from Social Services.