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At last, a pilot scheme giving relatives ‘key worker’ status


New member
Oct 17, 2020
Hi everyone. New to site but already feel at home as I feel I am reading 'my' story. I have written to all and sundry for support and the only person to respond was my own MP and local Councillor not that they appear to be able to do anything. Nothing from Helen Whately. Husband's Home are supposedly meeting to discuss erecting Summer houses, in place of 'tents' for visiting. Rather feel they've missed the boat. The situation is on my mind every waking moment as I'm sure it is for others. So very cruel.

Alice nun

Registered User
Jul 9, 2017
Good evening

I read about this test in April which is being used in hospitals and schools
This would be an amazing way for families to visit there love ones in care homes. With a fast effective result

SAMBA II: The 90-minute coronavirus testing machine. I’m sorry for some reason I can not paste the link

I hope dearly that you will all be able to visit your love ones very soon


Stacey sue

Registered User
Jan 24, 2020
My husband has deteriorated since March, I just want to spend some time with him while I can. Please God they do something soon. This is so cruel.!!

Hayley JS

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Feb 20, 2020
I just can't get my head around how any of this is legal. They're meant to be care homes, not prisons, isn't it a basic infringement of human rights? I have a feeling that when all this is over care homes are going to be facing a lot of legal action. Zero comfort to anyone right now I know and my heart goes out to you all. I simply don't know how I would have coped if mum and I were in that situation.

anxious annie

Registered User
Jan 2, 2019
Hi @Rimmel
It's such a tough time. Have you joined the campaign groups on Facebook , Rights for residents and Johns campaign? If you don't gave Facebook you can google rights

anxious annie

Registered User
Jan 2, 2019
Sorry @Rimmel my iPad is playing up! If you don't have Facebook, google rights for residents Jenny Morrison, lots of advice about what you can do to help. Helen W pilot project, aim is to start early November, but who knows? She just declines to do interviews etc!

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