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At breaking point. Again.


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Jun 27, 2022
I sit here crying as I write this. I have come very close over the last week to feeling like I want to give my mother a bloody good slap. I’ve had to remove myself from her company and go somewhere I can actually vent my complete frustration. My mothers scratching makes me feel physically sick: she will NOT STOP MOVING. We try to watch TV, but there she is scratching and pulling her hair, tapping, humming, trying to tie the hair has pulled out knots: sniffing her hair, putting it on the floor and then trying to blow it away. I cannot take it any more. When I ask her to stop, she shushes me, tells me to mind my own business and argues that it is my imagination. I would never hurt her, but my god sometimes I’m so stressed that I think it would be worth spending time in prison!!!

the rest of my family seem to deal with it ok.
I don’t need reminding ‘she can’t help it.’ and ‘it’s not her fault’. I’m exhausted trying to keep her busy and her hands occupied. I’m trying to turn a blind eye, but her constant moving is always getting my attention.
I really wish she could go to a care home where ot would be a pleasure to visit her. At the minute the scratching is resulting in me not even wanting to be near her.

the guilt is massive,
You are not a long my mom would constantly pull her hair out all day. Ive tried several things like letting her listen to soothing music, hand mittens, and then my son gave me a hair cap so far this is the only thing that works.
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Dec 15, 2012
Hello @Dorothyw
Welcome to DTP
It's good for your mom that you found a solution

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