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Assisted Housing


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My last post was in May 2014 on the subject of hypnotherapy to relieve psychogenic pains. The two responses I received were doubtful as to whether hypnosis would be effective.
Since then it has been suggested, and we have agreed, that moving to assisted housing where my wife (Joan) will be able to meet and interact with other people, some of whom will also have dementia will have a beneficial effect and possibly reduce the frequency and severity of her psychosomatic pains and hallucinations.
There will also be available qualified care staff to provide some respite for me and almost certainly have a great deal more experience than I at helping Joan.
I would very much like to know if anyone has followed a similar regime and what benefits there were.


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Aug 28, 2014
I cant speak about pain but I can talk about hallucinations. My Mum hears voices, music and banging noises. When at home this was an almost daily occurance and was very distressing for her, and her neighbours who got the blame. She was in hospital 3 weeks and it got worse. In a rehab ward for the elderly it vanished, and now 2 months into being in a care home she has had it twice.

People around, less anxiety, activity all help with the hallucinations. Her dementia specialist said this would be the case.

Hopefully someone with experience of the pain side can comment too. Bets of luck. It might be a good move for you too as you will have more support. Bets of luck. Love Quilty