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Oct 15, 2015
I feel really fed up with all the 'assessments' that my mother seems to be having. She had a fall at home and ended up in hospital -unhurt- but as was shaken and unsteady was kept in overnight. As this happened I decided that this might be the push I needed to think about residential care and got in touch with a home that I had looked around. They said they would go to see which part of the home she would fit in. I understood this 'assessment' as could see sense. Got a reply straight away that they could take her but needed to sort funding. Cue the social worker. Oh no she couldn't do that she would have to come and assess whether my mother need residential care even though we have told her she is not safe at home on own. She forgets to press button and this is second fall in two months. So she needs an assessment. Oh dear can't do that until is home. No can't go home. Ok they will put her into respite (yet another change for her) then do the assessment to see if the funding is there. Ok, oh can't put into respite until she has been assessed by the home! What are they assessing this time. It is a home that has a floor of dementia patients and they have been asked to give a dementia patient a respite room for two weeks. How can anyone assess a dementia patient that they have never met, don't know back ground to and who will tell them all sorts of weird and wonderful things - mostly not quite true. And all this means my mum has now had to stay in hospital for three nights but not in a ward with nurses and meds but in a clinical decision unit. Why do they look amazed when I say I'm stressed
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