assessment question


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Feb 17, 2007
Nova Scotia Canada
Three days ago Mum had her geriatric assessment at the hospital. She found it very hard as she could not use all her lttle ways to hide the fact she could not remember and answer the questions. She broke down and was very emotional. Her friend who took her said they wanted my phone number right away here in Canada where I live . IShe went to Mums house ot get it. I have been getting up so early to wait for this call but no call. I called them at the hospital and gave it to them again. How long does it take for the assessment results to be given out? Mum cannot remember now what happened there. Will these results advise me what to do? I am ready to come home to the Uk as soon as needed to put things in place -take car away and extend the care but this waiting is hard. What window of time am I looking at? What other experinces have people had with assessments? Carole