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Assessment for full term care

sonia owen

Registered User
Hi All,

I am going to ask for my mum to have an assessment, when the social worker rings me hopeful sometimes tomorrow. Hope it might take place while she is in Respite care.
As a family and myself being her main carer, we are very concerned that when she is due to leave and go back to her sheltered flat. We feel that be can't protect her against falling again. She has a pendant to wear, but with dementia she forgets to wear it. We feel she will be at risk when alone. The falls could well be caused by TIA. With the vascular dementia they seem to stay at a level and when they have had TIA they seem to drop down quite quickly. We think this has happened this time since we found mum on the floor on my morning arrival. She spent all night there
I will have to stress our worries and big concerns.
There might well be something that they will suggest that can help her stay in her own place. I can't think of anything myself.
We all feeling while mum is having care that she is safe. So we might have to think about full time care. Its what's best for our mum.
Any advice about the assessment etc would be helpful to me. Thanks
Love Sonia xx


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Aug 28, 2014
My Mum was the same

Hello, I was in exactly the same situation. Vasc Dementia, TIAs, and on the floor all night and off to hospital. After 5 weeks of regular food, liquids and company she was better than she had been in years but still falling. She was assessed and sent home with 3 carers a day. She was there 3 weeks when it all happened again, so back to hospital. I told the duty social worker I was taking the key out of the lock box and refusing to take her back. I kept saying "she is not safe. She is at risk". Thankfully her own social worker agreed and she is now in full time care.

You might need to dig your heels in or even try an increased care package. Eventually there will be a crisis and they will have to do something. Is it now or later? Stand your ground and good luck. Its for your Mums safety. Make them listen.

sonia owen

Registered User
It might be I will have to utter the words so you will take full responsible if she falls again and has to spend the night on the floor, injured without any night clothes on. Like I found her last week. She had a very bed fall last year outside, scarred all around her eye. Had to have stitches put in, but there was not much skin left to stitch. I made sure she never went out alone again with out someone with her. So that will be mentioned. They will be able to see the bad scar.
Just have to see how we get on.
Sonia xx

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