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Assessment by Social Services


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Nov 1, 2016
I need some advice fairly urgently. My mum has been in a care home for five weeks following discharge from hospital - she is funded through a special Covid 19 fund which does not need repaying even though mum will be self funded. When she first moved to the home, I was told that in due course a social worker would undertake an assessment to a retain future care needs and that we, her three children, would be present. I understood that this would also look at mums finances.

Today a different social worker phoned me to say that she will be conducting the assessment and has already spoken to the home, she wanted background information from me re mums care while at home. She said that she will be talking to mum via FaceTime this weekend to assess her - not sure what this assess might be for.

I was then asked to email her copies of the LPAs and three months of all bank statements ( current, savings and ISAs). I can do this but my bother has told me to delete the actual bank details. Also he is not happy at being asked to do this by phone call from someone we do not know.

Could someone explain what the normal process would be if Social Services are involved, should they first asses her care needs and only then get financial information? Why do they need evidence of her finances when she owns her own house and we told them that she will be self funding? Under normal circumstances, I don't think SS would have been involved with mums move to a care home, is that correct?

I don't have a phone number to contact the social worker, her number was withheld and I am now concerned about just emailing such information, although I could email her but I'd like to check here first so that I know the normal procedure.

Obviously we knew that the Covid 19 fund was only temporary and are happy to pay the care home fees as mum is in the home that we wanted for her rather than the initial random choice of the hospital.

I just wondered if anyone here has been involved with SS when the pwd was self finding.


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Aug 9, 2015
North West
Hi @Lynmax I can say that mums financial assessment was seperate to her care assessment and carried out by the financial assessor who had nothing to do with mums SW. Mums SW never looked at mums finances to be clear. Assessment is made in the CH and by looking through the care notes and discussing with the manager as well as making sure your mum seems accepting of the arrangements.

I wouldn't send any bank details or LPA until you have checked that this is legitimate with the local social services dept.


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Jan 13, 2019
The Banjoman was LA funded but I only ever sent his financial details to the Finance Dept. along with their completed forms.


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May 21, 2018
I don't see why Social Services would need financial documentation when you have already said that your mum will be self-funding. Perhaps the social worker who called was under the impression that it would be a funded placement. I wouldn't send financial information at this point and see what happens then. Social Services were never involved in my mum's self funding placement. This link might be useful for checking what should happen for assessments and funded/self-funded care:

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Mar 25, 2016
It's usual for the care needs assessment to be carried out before, and separately to, the financial assessment. They are dealt with by two separate departments - social services should not be involved in financial assessments. However, lots of processes are being carried out differently than usual due to the covid-19 situation so that could be why the social worker is asking for financial details. However, as others have said, I wouldn't send copies of any documents without first checking why they are being requested.


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Jan 5, 2014
When my mum had her care assessment with a social worked I was asked as LPA to fill out the financial assessment at the same time, it wasn't actually dealt with by the social worker but she brought it with her to then pass on to the finance department.

At the time I was still trying to work out mum's finances but was aware she would be self funding and they said that would be fine to put on the forms. I have been asked to confirm this each time the social worker has conducted a review of her care needs (roughly annually) but it was very clear that the SW was an information gatherer on behalf of the finance dept.

If you are unsure on emailing perhaps write to the email address asking for them to reply and confirm how the financial assessment works.

I have seen on DTP that the SW often gather the info for the finance dept as the point of contact but perhaps email the finance dept if you aren't sure. Where possible everyone will be working from home os I think at the moment email is best.


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Oct 27, 2016
I would write to the email address and ask why this information is needed. When my mother in law went from hospital to a care home , as soon as the hospital social worker knew she was going to be completely self funded , the social worker wasn't interested in the slightest. It became a matter between the care home and my husband who had LPA for his mother's finances . The care home never asked about social services.


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Jul 16, 2019
Hi @Lynmax, there may have been some confusion i.e. the social worker may not have realised you are self-funding. When we were self-funding for Mum the social worker had no involvement - however, the Care Home (Finance Office) needed proof of funds when we signed the contract (which was copies of bank statements), which I took in and showed them. I hope that helps.


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Feb 28, 2017
In my late wide's case, the local authority's case worker carried out the care needs assessment, meeting (before COVID-19) with myself and our sons at the care assessment centre where she had been transferred to. She had consulted with the care centre manager, occupational health team etc (my wife was not able to communicate) but was not concerned with finances.

Once the LA had concluded that my wife would need permanent residential nursing care, the finance team at the local authority got involved (I had stated that my wife was at the upper threshold and any care fees would rapidly take her below this).

I was telephoned by the finance team, who carried out an assessment over the phone - I had been asked to have all relevant details to hand about her savings (sole and joint), expenses, ISAs or shares, etc.

Once the "interview" was done, they sent me their conclusions (fully detailed) on what contributions my wife would have to make towards care costs and I was asked to post in supporting documentation covering the previous 3 months. The documentation supplied confirmed information I had provided over the phone and all documents were returned.


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Nov 1, 2016
Thank you all for this advice, I am going to email the address I was given to ask for clarification about the financial process. The social worker was aware before we spoke that mum will be self funding and I told her several times! I am happy to prove to the care home that mum has sufficient funds as that seems reasonable.

By chance I also got a phone call today from a different social worker who will be carrying out a DOLs assessment which the care home have requested. This sw clarified a few points and said that as we have LPA, we have to be part of the Best Interests meeting and that finances should not be considered at this time. She said I can refuse to disclose mums financial information.

But the fact that Mum is currently funded by a Gvt Covid 19 fund ( which does not have to be repaid whatever money mum has) might change things so that's something I need to ask. It might be that they are trying to speed up the process by collecting all the information in one go.

But I am going to insist that we are present at the Best Interests meeting, any decision cannot be based on a phone call with mum!

Let's see what i can find out tomorrow.

Thanks again


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Jan 13, 2019
The Banjoman’s daughter was in Luxembourg when we had his Best Interest meeting in the hospital and she contributed by phone. They should be able to Zoom or something.


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Sep 27, 2019
You should be able to find an email address for your local adult social care department on your local councils website. There is a click link on ours to a contact us style form, an email address and a phone number. Just google adult health and social care ____ council . You can check if email address you've been given is same and you can email direct or phone using info on council site that way you know that its definately going to proper council department. Then you can ask them why you've been asked for these details if self funding as you didn't think they would need to know this information. There is some info on financial assessments on our council website so you may even be able to find some answers on there before contacting them. x