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Oct 30, 2012
So, following on from my post the other day about struggling financially, my boss today offered me another two hours a day - yippee!! This would be 6am-8am before dad has got up so really shouldn't bother him. My only problem will be what to do with my son for half an hour from 7.30 to 8am, but I'm sure I can work round that one.

Anyway, when I mentioned it to dad he went off on one! Said 'how much money do we need' and other such negative stuff. I felt like saying er, around half of what I gave up to be with you every day but kept my mouth shut. But I was sooooo happy that I'd finally found a small silver lining only to get it snatched back away.

Would it be really bad if I just did the job anyway and not tell him?



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May 18, 2014
Go for it, only mistake you made was telling your dad. Hopefully he will have forgotten your discussion in a few days. How old is your son?

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Oct 30, 2012
I've had to turn it down :(

My little boy's only four and we just can't cover the childcare for him............

Hey ho, just keep swimming.

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