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Feb 24, 2006
My mother was prescribed Aricept on the 19th April by a psychiatrist who, in his wisdom, thought she was capable of managing her own medication.

She went rapidly downhill from the 27th April and died on the 6th May.

Was there any connection?

No doubt they will say we've never heard of anyone dying of taking Aricept, but if we don't tell them they won't know. Perhaps others have died 2-3 weeks after taking Aricept too, but no-one has investigated it.



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Apr 26, 2006
How old was your mother and had she been dianosed with AD? I am incredibly sorry for your loss. My father has been diagnosed of AD at 58 and is going to go on medication shortly I guess. He has moderatley severe early onset AD.

My heart goes out to you,



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Feb 24, 2006
Hello Sophie

My mother was 83. She hadn't been diagnosed with anything until the 2nd memory clinic on the 19th April. I suppose it counts as a diagnosis if a psychiatrist prescribes Aricept? Previous doctors had said there was nothing wrong with her, or only very minor things, and thought we were all making a big fuss about nothing. We (family and close friends) knew she had dementia last October, and she's been sometimes better sometimes worse in that time. I think there is sometimes a much longer interval between family/close friends knowing and doctors believing. Most of the time her dementia has been quite mild, and she usually managed to put on a good performance for people she didn't know well.

On the 19th April I was relieved that there was a doctor who believed us, and on the 1st May I was relieved that she had been put in a ward specifically for elderly people with psychiatric problems, I thought at least in there they will be used to dealing with her condition.

As far as I know there can't be a definite diagnosis until after death, and for my mother that means there never will be, as her remains have been cremated. I now wish I had said no, we must have a post mortem and an inquest, but at the time in a state of shock I signed whatever was put in front of me.


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