Are we entitled to help?


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My mother was born in 1928 and has alzheimers, but still lives at home alone. My sister and I call in morning and night to give medication, give her money and her meals. She is steadily getting worse and we are not sure what help we can get, both for herself and us as carers.


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Jul 28, 2005
south london
your mother should claim for attendance allowance.

also you should have a word with your gp/social worker re what other services might be available. eg day centres/home helps.

if you are not earning more than a certain amount and you spend considerable time amount of time looking after her you may be able to claim carers allowance.

i think there are fact sheets produced by the as


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Dec 11, 2003
Tully, Qld, Australia
Dear Rob,

As Bernie says, the first step is to contact your mother's GP, who will arrange for a Consultant Psychiatrist and a Community Nurse to help you.

Your local branch of the AS should also be able to provide information about private care agencies, Day Care Centres and Crossroads support in your local area as well.

My aunt is in a EMI Nursing Home in Shoreham and it is probably the best Home that I've ever seen! I can't recall the name right now, but can certainly find out for you further down the line.

Best wishes,