Are Sleeping pill's the answer?

Grandaughter 1

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Jan 17, 2006
I was just wondering if many Alzheimers sufferers are on sleeping pills?

My Grandad is extremely restless at night and is disturbing my poor Nan constantly - to the point that it is making Nan very run down.

Are sleeping pills the answer? And if so, how can we get Grandad to take them? Can we put them in his tea or something??!!!

Many thanks.


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Mar 13, 2006
hi grandaughter 1

my mum was also extremely restless at nightime leaving my dad exhausted trying to cope the next day, the doctors decided to put her on zopiclone, which is a sleeping pill, the dose was two, 30 mins before bedtime, she slept better but the following day she was like a zombie, she couldnt do anything it took two of us to help her walk, it was then decided that we cut the dose to one a night which seems to be better, and she was more alert on waking, if it works its a good idea but it may take a while to get the dosage right.
im sure there are other drugs available as well its worth asking for your nans sake
take care


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Jul 15, 2005
My Mom is in the last stage of AD and sundowning. We have tried her on sleeping pills but they just agitated her and made her very unsteady on her feet. The doc said the part of the brain that governs sleep is damaged and that is why sleep is so irractic. She will "go" until she is just exhausted. She was up all night one night, bugging my Dad to leave town and then she just walked out of the house in her undies without him knowing it. The Sheriff brought her home! Since then we placed her in a nursing home where she gets 24/7 care and if she is up all night, there is someone watching over her all night. It is working out well for her and my Dad is finally getting some rest.
This probably hasn't helped you at all but for sure the first place to go is to your doctor. You may want to secure the house so he can't get out in the middle of the night.
Take care,