are people with dementia allowed christmas?


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Oct 15, 2007
Oh how terribly terribly sad. I am just hoping and praying that my Dad is well enough even to do that....quite honestly if he is just with us all whether or not he is lying down would be present enough for us all. I really don't know where your daughter is coming from with this I can only assume that she is oblivious to what is happening to her Dad and would strongly suggest that you point her in the direction of some reading materials about the sufferers! It is must be so upsetting for you but my advice is talk to her and explain how hurtful her reaction was. Does she really think that if her Dad could honestly do anything about his situation that he would choose to spend all day lying down? I know at the start of my Dads illness I was very resentful towards him. I was pregnant at the time with twins and my mum naturally spent all her time and focus on him, even to the point of when I had the twins in hospital no one from my family being there because they were dealing with yet another Dad crisis. I know its hard for her as it was for me but now I just feel so overwhelming sad for him. I guess its just something you have to go through before you truly accept that the old Dad has gone.

Take care and big hugs xxxx


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Oct 20, 2007

Well, I'm not looking forward 2 it, obviously.. The last few years have involved me feeding Mum her Christmas dinner, while Dad could enjoy his... This year, can't even do that for her, it stinks....:mad: Sorry, but feeling a little bitter, I just miss her... Take care everyone, Nickyxxx


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Mar 22, 2007
Well, my mother announced in August that she was coming to stay at Christmas! This is going to cause huge problems. I suggested I collected her on Christmas morning, took her back on Christmas night and repeated the whole performance on Boxing day..but she wont have it!
The nursing home is only two miles away and I dont drink so it seems to me to be a perfectly sensible solution..but she is determined to upset the whole household by insisiting on staying overnight...she would like it to be longer but Ive definitly put my foot down there!
It wouldnt be quite so bad if I thought she would enjoy herself but I know she wont...which will spoil things for the children to say nothing of me trying to keep the peace.
im already having nightmares remembering what we all endured last year..and she could still get up the stairs to bed then!