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Apps for a tablet


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Mar 3, 2015
Hi, I'm Lesley and this is my first post to this site.

I have my father to stay every other weekend. This gives my mother a chance to have a life. Dad has vascular dementia, he is most affected by memory issues, balance issues, and now incontinence and telling lies. He is very hard work for her as her gets "stroppy" very easily with her. He never behaves like this for me, but I want to do my best for him.

We thought that we could help dad with his mental skills with a tablet (no, not a pill). And now I am looking for suggestions for apps that might help him. We have downloaded noughts and crosses, jigsaw puzzles and drawing games. With a lot of encouragement and supervision he is doing OK. I would like to fill the tablet with things he may enjoy but have ran out of ideas. Any suggestions will be appreciated.


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Jul 14, 2006
Hi Lesley and welcome to TP.

I am not a big player of games but two that I have are mahjong and solitaire. Spider solitaire has several levels starting with really easy so your Dad won't get too frustrated.

Mahjong symbols can be very intricate but if you look at several you might find one with not too many tiles. Just two from me but hopefully others will be along soon to give you more ideas.