Applying to become Deputy/lack of knowledge of the financial affairs

Discussion in 'Legal and financial issues' started by sharon3, May 28, 2015.

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    May 28, 2015
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    Hi, Thank you for this forum - I have learnt so much already in relation to completing the COP Forms. With the experience of others here I feel confident about completing them myself and in effect save my Aunts savings.

    One issue I have is that I don't know the full details of my Aunts financial affairs. I know she has a current account but she is very private and won't discuss her other accounts (or even if she has any). When she had capacity this obviously didn't matter/ didn't come up in conversation, but now she has been assessed by the Consultant that she does not have Capacity to make decisions on a financial and care level it's very difficult. Has anyone had experience of this and how to overcome it? I saw in another thread about an additional form but can't find it on the Gov website.

    Thank you
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    Try asking the COP/OPG.

    I think that somewhere in the process of applying and becoming deputy there is a provision for the Court to make an order allowing you to investigate your Aunt's affairs if you have no knowledge of them.
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    You are right Sharon, there is a form to fill in and send to the bank/building society/etc, but Im afraid I cant remember what its called.
    Contact the CoP. They have a help-line and on the couple of occasions I have phoned them they have been really nice and helpful.
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    Oct 8, 2011
    Hi Sharon, this is very difficult for you. I also had an aunt who was very private about her financial affairs.

    We solved it by waiting till she was out,and going through her papers..It did seem awful,but we had to find out somehow. Do you have a key so you can get in?

    The other way is to intercept/divert the post,as there may be statements sent for various accounts.

    Gosh,so hard is'nt it?
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    Jan 31, 2012
    lack of knowledge of financial affairs

    My Mum is just turned 84 and although there's no question of dementia, she did ask me one time if I would be prepared to be the executor of her will; she owns her bungalow outright , has money in the bank and some stocks and shares, and I'm her next-of-kin (stepfather died eleven years ago).

    Mum has never in the past discussed her financial affairs with me, and I don't know what she has or where she has it, so I told her I didn't want the responsibility. The solicitor who holds her will has the full details necessary and knows what needs to be done and who has to be notified etc., so I told Mum it'd be best to let the expert in such matters deal with it all. I haven't a clue what I would need to do legally so from that point alone I wanted Mum's solicitor to handle it all.

    Mum has got her financial affairs in order, has a will which is lodged with her solicitor, so I see no reason for me to be involved.
  6. stuart642

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    Jun 23, 2015

    Thats exactly what I have been doing ( opening post ) pending appointment by the Court as my Uncles deputy. To make matters worse in doing so and reviewing his bank account I can see that he has multiple direct debits set up for the same things ( ie boiler protection policies). However until appointed there is nothing I can do!

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