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Appeal outcome - update


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Apr 1, 2012
Hello everyone. Haven't posted for a while but things have at last come to an end.

After over 12 months of extremely hard work I managed to get our local CCG to overturn their refusal for CHC funding for my Dad. Not only that but after a resolution meeting, where I was able to put my reasons for appealing directly , but as calmly as possible to them, they decided to backdate the reimbursement to Oct 2013 when Dad was intially turned down for funding.

The one thing they picked up on was the 'unpreditability' of Dads behaviour. I had manged to show them evidence of this from the almost daily entries I made into a diary following my visits with dad. These notes quite often contradicted the Nursing Home records. Records that were scant to say the least. Staff simply do not have the time to write detailed accounts all through the day of every residents behaviour. It is simply not possible, yet this is what the CCG assessors use to make their decisions.

If you are in the midst of this nightmare yourself or are about to start one thing I cannot emphasise enough is keep a diary/ journal if you can. And, try to keep calm but assertive, even when you feel that the system is flawed and stacked against you.

I have just received a cheque for the full reimbursement of the care home fees. Did I feel like jumping for joy? No. My dad is very poorly and knows nothing of any of this. I'm just relieved it's over for now, well, until the next review in a couple of weeks time when I may have to get the boxing gloves out again.

Good luck everyone, it can happen.

Jane x

Pete R

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Jul 26, 2014
Well done for sticking with it and especially in getting the back date. Many just give in.

My best wishes to your Dad. :)