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Jun 21, 2018
my mum was diagnosed with alzheimers 2 years ago , recently she has become more apathetic and refusing to do anything, at first I put it down to a UTI and she has had antibiotics for this , she would stay in bed all day if I let her this week on more than one occasion she has been in bed at 4pm in the afternoon, I work shifts so if im at home I will get her up but my husband who has retired is not comfortable going into her bedroom in case it distresses her , she refuses to wash or shower herself unless I insist . when I ask her why she is sleeping so much and if she is ill or in pain she says no she she's just better off in bed out of everyone way She goes to a day centre one day a week and the local pensioners club one afternoon but its very hard to get her to engage in any activities apart from reading the papers or her magazines , as a family were are finding it very draining trying to gee her up and wonder if there is anything else we can do


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Oct 21, 2019
Mum does the same.
She says she has a cold, it should be entered into the Guiness book of records as it has lasted a year.
Mum is very thin now and she really feels the cold, even with the thermostat on 25. I do think she really is warmer and more comfortable in bed.
i don’t think she is depressed.
She also has heart failure, is your mum ever breathless?
Heart failure means the person wants to rest/sleep for a great deal of the time.
Mum displays many of the behaviours that crop up in the forums, I try and force myself not to nag ( I would nag about the personal care though.)
I have to say to myself ‘ It doesn’t matter, be nice’, otherwise I listen to this person (me) and their only conversation is do this or don’t do that.