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Anyone know about pacemakers?


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Oct 1, 2014
My elderly father in law had one fitted. Last time we took him for a check the pacemaker was only being put to work 1% of the time. This time it's up to 66% of the time. The link with dementia is that he won't use the lift in his sheltered accommodation, but insists on using the stairs. He gets very, very, breathless and has to stop half way for a rest. As he is unsteady on his feet - there's a real risk of him falling. I think the problems with memory/brain functioning/whatever means that it's very hard to give him advice re his health which he can take in and remember and implement.

We're going to ask the GP about the significance of the pacemaker change. It's also just possible that if we set up an appointment and she tells him to use the lift - and we tell the warden - that he might change his ways.