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anyone feel like an easy target?


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Apr 18, 2016
that family, friends, neighbours think they can say anything to you, question your life, tell you what to do.

I get such personal questions but my siblings would never get asked how old they are or their relationship staus etc. People seem to thnik cos Im here as the carer that I am open access. Ive been too polite and should have said no a long time ago. You end up being polite and answering questions because you are sat next to the person with dementia and you want to keep the peace but I am exhausted by it.

I get questioned about each of my siblings but I wouldnt know much about their lives-I get asked really personal questions about their finances and relationships but again, the person would never ask them directly.

This need to be polite needs to stop. One guest is particularly bad and I said no to him visiting the last 3 times until I could organise one of my siblings to be here. He visited last week with my sister taking time off to do it. He didn't ask her anything personal.

I should have said no a long time ago. Its exhausting, especially when you aren't sleeping to be quizzed and put on the spot.