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Any experience of Baclofen with Nefopam?


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Nov 9, 2015
MIL is on Baclofen and Nefopam to control the pain and muscle spasms after a stroke.
She is immobile apart from the limited of use of her right arm and has a team of carers who go in throughout the day to hoist and tend to her personal needs.
My Mum lives close by (they are in a retirement village) and pops in to see MIL a couple of times a day and sits with her for a few hours and Hubby, myself and BIL share her general care and visit several times a week between us.
I posted a couple of weeks ago about MIL falling asleep a lot and being difficult to wake but this is now getting much worse and she can't seem to stay awake.
Her care team say it's probably poor sleep at night but she was never this bad, and so I googled her meds and they both mention sleeping as well as hallucinations (she gets these on and off too)
I am thinking they may have increased her meds and am going to try and talk to her GP on wednesday to express our concerns, and hopefully they will be able to adjust her meds or suggest others.
Does anyone else have experience of these meds and similar side effects, wither in combination or singly?
Thank you


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Jul 20, 2011
Hi Crystal
I don't have experience of these meds so i'm replying to bump this post up to the top and hopefully someone will be along soon x


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Nov 9, 2015
Thank you Fizzie :)
Sadly it doesn't look like it's a combination used much, I can find very little on the internet generally.
I'll see what her GP says tomorrow. Funnily enough MIL has been awake more today :)

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