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Any advice


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Feb 22, 2015
Hi there,
My mum who has Alzheimer's has had a carer for the last month for breakfast and lunch whilst I'm in work. Her morning meds have always been me, sneaking in and leaving them by her juice and hoping that she would take them. Anyway, she has finally been given a dose pack by the chemist - which would allow the carer to give them her morning dose. This is where it all falls down - according to the doctors, the chemist needs to do the Mar chart - this is the instruction to the carer - according to the chemist, the district health care team/district nurse team need to fax to them a referral form - they can then issue a Mar chart every month with the dose pack so the carer can issue morning meds. Sounds perfect to me.

Problem - the health team/district Nurse team say the chemist has to do the referral form and the chemist say the health team/district nurse team has to do it.

Seriously, I have spent all day going from one to the other. I've had to send a text to social worker for help. I am seriously ****ed with both of them


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Jul 29, 2013
North East
In the mean time are you still giving her the medication. This sounds utterly ridiculous. The need for joined up care is massive, unbelievable in this day and age that this can happen, but it does time and again!!!
Fingers crossed they sort it out and fast.